BYU Management Society.

Las Vegas Chapter.

Brigham Young University is proud of its more than 30-year tradition of growing moral and ethical leadership around the world through the esteemed BYU Management Society. This unique, global organization of professionals possesses a steadfast commitment to fostering a worldwide refinement of governance practices. Established in 1977, this storied association has increased in size to include over one hundred chapters and now has a presence in nearly 20 countries and over 40 U.S. cities, including Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas chapter of the BYU Management Society is honored to be part of such an acclaimed association, as we share in the collective goal to improve the civic and financial opportunities for our members, while placing an emphasis on improving the way business is conducted. Membership is inclusive, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, religion or alma matter. Every year, we grow in size due to area residents recognizing the benefits of aligning themselves with such an organization. We champion the career goals of all members, with a special value placed on assisting our budding professionals.

Community Outreach and College Scholarships in Las Vegas

Many BYU Management Society branches support area college students, and we at the Las Vegas chapter maintain a commitment to local young people by offering scholarships of up to $1,000 each, to multiple students every year. To qualify, applicants must be enrolled in an accredited university and should possess a tie to the Las Vegas area, such as previous residency and a diploma from one of our high schools. Management majors are strongly encouraged to apply, as are those who have a history of demonstrating moral leadership and ethical courage.

Applicants do not have to be enrolled in Brigham Young University for consideration, though we do lend direct assistance to BYU. By supporting BYU and the Marriott School, the Society’s mission to build a better, more virtuous future workforce is reinforced. Through member-to-member advisory and student mentoring, members fortify the moral base of the communities they represent. Regardless of what career stage one is in, they are welcome to apply for membership, as it is open to all BYU alumni and interested business professionals.

BYU Management Society Membership Benefits

Frequent networking with like-minded, goal-oriented adults offers abundant social and professional advantages to our members. In addition to developing a network of connected and accomplished acquaintances, members enjoy the following perks:

Professional Development Regular enriching events, including symposiums on business trends, are offered to augment professional growth.

Employment Resources Chapters host career fairs and publish webinars designed to strengthen professional skills. BYU Management Society maintains a partnership with Self-Reliance/LDS Employment to assist job-seeking members with their search.

Service to Community Each chapter engages in individual public initiatives, but for all members, assisting future professionals currently enrolled in college is a priority. For this reason, members are active in mentorship programs, and money is raised to fund scholarships for local students.

Member Registry Access Members have access to a database of members’ names and contact information from all chapters, including international affiliates.

Valuing Recent Graduates

Young professionals are invited to learn what the BYU Management Society can do for them in terms of helping them forge strong connections and develop their careers by taking advantage of the surplus of career-enriching programs offered, including mentoring from existing members who are already established in their field. Succeeding in the job market is a precarious endeavor for recent graduates, and the networking opportunities presented by membership to the Society can often times give job-seekers the upper-hand, or help them reach goals while working their way up the corporate ladder.

Today’s new grads are responsible for the business climate of tomorrow, and because we feel so strongly about shaping a better, more principled economic future, we extend ourselves to new entrants into the corporate world. We encourage all branches to have younger members serving alongside seasoned members on the board to ensure the next generation of leaders stays true to our commitment to moral and ethical leadership.

Management Society’s Women’s Organization

A forum for female professionals, that began as Silicon Valley Women in 2005, has now evolved into a larger network of women who have branched out to other chapters. Upon acknowledging the need for a sharing of resources specific to women currently and formerly in the workforce, groups such as Salt Lake Women and the Las Vegas Women’s Network were born to support area women by hosting mentoring, education and networking sessions. The Management Society of Las Vegas is proud to provide a locale for women to expand their network, while enhancing their marketable skills.

Anyone seeking to be part of an influential institution focused on personal and professional growth, with an emphasis on good ethics, is encouraged to discover the benefits of joining forces with Las Vegas’ BYU Management Society. Join online today, or learn more by attending one of our monthly luncheons, which are held on the second Friday of the month. Your Las Vegas counterparts look forward to sharing insights and resources to help you flourish in your field.

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